This excerpt is of a solo guitar introduction to the jazz standard “My One and Only Love,” performed by the Los Angeles-based guitarist Larry Koonse. The introduction is based on the last eight bars of the song (a typical introductory device). Many of the voicings selected for this introduction are common in the jazz guitar arsenal, but Koonse proves they are useful when played with great time and a great sound. Notice how Koonse balances the role of certain chords by controlling volume. He plays voicings with the melody louder, while playing arpeggiated chords on the bottom strings at a lower volume. These lower volume chords help keep the flow of time in the listener’s ear during pauses in the melody. The F♯/D (or Dmaj7♯5) chord is a beautiful choice for a V chord with the third in the melody. This reharmonization’s effectiveness is in large part due to where it occurs in the phrase, a consideration often overlooked by young students of jazz.

My One and Only Love (Koonse)